What is Token IQ and How it Works? Ben Wilkening Explains

  • Due to regulated nature of STOs and ever since we saw scams that ripped-off investors money were done through Initial Coin Offering ICO, Security Token Offering (STO) is on the rise and many experts in the cryptoverse, term 2019 to be the dawn of STO movement .
  • It is true that STOs gave blockchain industry a new direction towards a legal structure, giving rise to some successful STO issuance platforms like Polymath and others.
  • Token IQ is one such security token offering platform, that helps different entities to tokenize their assets.
  • Director of Strategic Relationships of Token IQ, Ben Wilkening talked to BlockPublisher about how the platform works and how it solved token recoverability aspect.
  • Ben:  “Token IQ is an STO platform meaning, we can take any asset and we can represent the ownership rights on our distributed ledger, which is a custom fork of Stellar as all of our patents  deal with transacting on these vectors with SEC compliance law.

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