With atoms and lasers, IonQ makes a quantum computing leap

  • The startup, based in College Park, Md., recently released the results of two benchmark tests published on Cornell University’s Quantum Physics site that showed its upcoming system is capable of solving more complex problems with a higher degree of accuracy than any other results published by competitive systems.
  • The IonQ system’s technology, however, allows the machine to operate in room temperatures.
  • IonQ officials said its system also has issues with noise, but those issues largely have to do with the mechanical parts of the machine’s control systems.
  • Initially, the company will provide quantum-based services to researchers using applications for medicine, chemistry, energy, logistics and those working in the financial world, according to Allen.
  • “We are approaching the point where we can do some interesting things with certain types of molecular simulations and perhaps simulations around problems involving financing and logistics,” Allen said.

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