YTA (YottaChain) founder Alex Wang: China is poised to become frontrunner in blockchain storage…

  • The reason behinds that is the blockchain creates new business forms, new economic forms, new organizational forms, and new social forms, and it will surely unleash much more energy than internet.
  • According to Alex Wang, due to the inherent architectural advantages, decentralized storage can improve the reliability of at least 10,000 times and the availability of 100 million times, and has a disaster recovery mechanism with its own “thousands of centers”; but these theoretical advantages are spurred by strong professional technical ability and powerful innovation ability, and it must be stably operated on the edge nodes of millions and tens of millions in different regions across the world.
  • Common measure indicators on storage include persistence, security, cost, availability, consistency, latency, IOPS, throughput, partition tolerance, concurrency, deduplication, scalability, disaster tolerance, DDoS-resistance, etc.
  • YTA ensures each of them meets the commercial level, and some indicators have overwhelming advantage over the existing IT giants, all of which call for extremely outstanding professional capabilities, engineering capabilities and technical architecture capabilities.

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